SIIG USB Desktop Mechanical Keyboard

Manufacturer: SIIG
Model: JK-US0112-S1 (USB Desktop Keyboard with Mechanical Key Switches)
MSRP: $99.00
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The SIIG Mechanical Keyboard is a straight forward offering. It relies on ALPS style key-switches, and has a standard layout with the exception of the reverse L shaped Enter key and the tiny Backspace key that we are not really fond of.

SIIG states that the keys are rated for >10 million keystrokes, which seems a bit low considering most mechanical keyboards are rated for 20 million up to 50 million. They did use the greater than symbol, so perhaps they are just quoting the lower limit.

The keyboard has a USB cable but supports both USB and PS/2 connections via a USB-to-PS/2 adapter included in the packaging. To understand more about this issue please read What is the Difference Between PS/2 and USB Keyboards?

The keys feel fine, but for the price there are other options with more features. For example the Xarmor U9 Plus and the Adesso MKB-135B have Cherry MX Blue key-switches, USB hub, and audio jacks.

If you are interested in ALPS key-switches and don’t need the extra features found in its competitors, then give the SIIG USB Desktop Mechanical Keyboard a look. Otherwise, there are better options out there, which pack in more features at around the same cost.