As a leading manufacturer of quality computer connectivity products since 1985, SIIG brings to market a broad range of IT and AV upgrade products. These products establish the connection, or increase the bandwidth capability between a computer system and its connected external devices.

SIIG products have a strong reputation for quality. This reputation is achieved through strict control and careful supervision of our manufacturing process to assure the highest level of reliability and functionality. This level of quality, combined with SIIG’s comprehensive user’s manuals, and unique user-friendly designs all lead to one of the lowest defective return rates in the industry.”


SIIG USB Desktop Mechanical Keyboard

Manufacturer: SIIG Model: JK-US0112-S1 (USB Desktop Keyboard with Mechanical Key Switches) MSRP: $99.00 Check Lowest Price (Amazon) The SIIG Mechanical Keyboard is a straight forward offering. It relies on ALPS style key-switches, and has a standard layout with the exception of the reverse L shaped Enter key and the tiny Backspace key that we are […]