Matias began in 1989, in Edgar Matias’ parents’ basement, in a suburb of Toronto. Since that time, it has survived the dot-com boom & bust, the Great Recession, and every other manner of calamity that can befall a startup.

The two main co-founders (Edgar Matias and Steve McGowan) have grown it into a globally recognized brand, known for high quality and a high level of personal customer service — a real person answers when you call / email, and if you have a problem, we try very hard to solve it.

Matias has also gained a reputation for “rescuing” lost technologies, the most famous example being the use of Alps mechanical keyswitches in its award-winning Tactile Pro Keyboard.”

Matias Tactile Pro 3

Manufacturer: Matias Model: Tactile Pro 3 MSRP: $149.95 Check Lowest Price (Amazon) Note: This review is for the Matias Tactile Pro 3, this is the third revision by Matias, please make sure that retailers tell you the exact model they are selling because many just label it as Tactile Pro. The Matias part number for […]