iOne Xarmor U9

Manufacturer: iOne
Model: Xarmor U9
MSRP: $99.95
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The Xarmor U9 is the entry level mechanical keyboard from iOne, using Cherry MX Brown key-switches, it has a soft tactile feel. You’ll feel the satisfying click but it does not make as much noise as the Cherry MX Blues. The layout is pretty standard, and with some today opting to re-size the Shift or Backspace keys, it’s refreshing to see a full-size keyboard that keeps the traditional setup.

There is a special matte rubber coating to the top, sides, and the optional wrist pad that’s included in the box. This makes the U9 feel a bit better than the usual plastic we feel.

The keys are laser-etched and are rated for 20 million key-strokes, they feel just fine. The pale blue LEDs have a nice look to them, as disconnected rectangles around the beveled icons for the Scroll lock, Caps lock, and Num lock. The U9 comes standard with a USB connector, but a USB-to-PS/2 adapter is included for all those seeking to get full n-key rollover.

All in all, there isn’t much flash with the U9, which isn’t a bad thing. It is a simple mechanical keyboard, with a good layout, interesting rubberized feel, and a wrist pad. If you’re looking to get started with mechanical keyboards and need a softer click, the U9 would be a good choice.

Though, if you want to completely immerse yourself in this “clickity clackity” world, we recommend a keyboard that uses Cherry MX Blue key-switches, such as the Das Keyboard Model S Professional  or the Adesso MKB-135B Pro.