At iOne our mission is to produce cutting edge input solutions to help people enjoy better with the digital world. We created our slogan “Innovative Lifestyle” based on this belief. For each of our product categories, we study how our customers use their digital devices, and then our designers and engineers strive to help create a better experience with those devices: more innovative, more comfortable, more fun, more productive, more convenient, and more – you.

With more than 20 years of experience in professional designing and manufacturing of computer personal peripherals. We not only distribute products under our brand iOne but also provide OEM/ODM services to world’s leading brands, designers, manufacturers and retailers.”

iOne Scorpius M10

Manufacturer: iOne Model: Scorpius M10 MSRP: $69.95 Check Lowest Price (Amazon) The iOne Scorpius M10 reminds us of the Xarmor U9, it is an entry level mechanical keyboard. Unlike the U9, the surfaces of the M10 are not rubberized. It is powered under the hood by Cherry MX Blue key-switches which provide a tactile clicky […]

iOne Xarmor U9

Manufacturer: iOne Model: Xarmor U9 MSRP: $99.95 Check Lowest Price (Amazon) The Xarmor U9 is the entry level mechanical keyboard from iOne, using Cherry MX Brown key-switches, it has a soft tactile feel. You’ll feel the satisfying click but it does not make as much noise as the Cherry MX Blues. The layout is pretty […]

iOne Xarmor U9 Plus

Manufacturer: iOne Model: Xarmor U9 Plus MSRP: $149.95 Check Lowest Price (Amazon) We recently took at a look at the U9 and it really didn’t make our spine tingle and our mouth salivate. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a perfectly suitable mechanical keyboard, but at it’s price point there were other better offerings. Can the […]

iOne Xarmor U9BL

Manufacturer: iOne Model: Xarmor U9 BL MSRP: $199.99 Check Lowest Price (Amazon) The iOne U9BL is a back-lit version of the U9 Plus. Thankfully it keeps all the good features of the U9 Plus, and adds a great looking blue illumination with 4 levels of brightness. The U9BL has Cherry MX Blue key-switches, for some […]

iOne Xarmor U9BL-S

Manufacturer: iOne Model: Xarmor U9 BL-S MSRP: $199.99 Check Lowest Price (Amazon) The iOne Xarmor U9BL-S follows suit with other “silent” versions of popular keyboards like the Das Keyboard Model S Professional Silent. When companies use the word silent, they typically mean that the keyboard uses Cherry MX Brown key-switches. This means that the keys […]