Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate

Manufacturer: Das Keyboard
Model: Model S Ultimate
MSRP: $129.00
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Note: This keyboard is built similarly to its brother the Model S Professional, and the difference is that there is no laser-etched keys. This keyboard shows that you don’t mess around when it comes to your input devices.

The Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate is based on one of the best-selling mechanical keyboards in the market, the Model S Professional. It has a 104-key layout, includes a two-port USB 2.0 hub, has support for full n-key rollover over via PS/2 adapter, and 6-key rollover over USB.

It comes with an extra long 2 meter USB cable. Under the hood, the keyboard is powered by Cherry MX Blue switches. This means the keyboard has a “click” that you can feel and hear. The only real difference between the Professional and Ultimate models is that the Ultimate model is free of the laser-etched lettering. This is a serious keyboard, for serious touch typists that don’t need to look down at the keys.

Das Keyboard takes it’s layout cues from the legendary IBM keyboards of the past, but serves it up in a nice modern design with a glossy sheen. There is no question that this keyboard is a no-frills workaholic. With rock-solid build quality, and a minimalist approach, it becomes clear why Das Keyboard has a winner on it’s hands. The subtle LED indicators on the top and the brand logo are the only additions to the core keyboard setup. One thing missing from the Model S Ultimate is a set of multimedia keys, a feature present on most cheaper OEM keyboards.

The feel of the keyboard is like nothing else, the Cherry MX Blue key-switches allow for a surprisingly easy typing rhythm. The audible “clickity clack” of the tactile keys makes music to the ears, and is simply a delight. If you’re not a fan of the noise, Das Keyboard also makes the Model S Ultimate Silent, which has all the features as this keyboard but utilizes Cherry MX Brown key-switches for a quiet tactile feel. When gaming, you will appreciate the n-key rollover which will ensure that all your frantic key-presses will be registered.

The Model S Ultimate is a favorite among gamers and touch typists. Whether you are looking for a new mechanical keyboard, or you are looking to upgrade, the Model S Ultimate is the perfect choice. It’s elegant, simple, and built like a rock.