Why Use a Mechanical Keyboard?

If you are asking yourself why you need to use a Mechanical Keyboard, then I presume you have checked out “What is a Mechanical Keyboard?” Now that you are familiar with the design and the function of a mechanical keyboard, we can look at some of the benefits it can provide you.


Beat Keyboard Fatigue
You might think that scissor-switch (laptop keyboards) or rubber-dome (cheap desktop keyboards) would be easier to press than a mechanical switch key. The key is in consistency and longevity. First, keys on mechanical keyboards have been designed to require a consistent pressure to depress. Once you get used to the mechanical keyboard, you will notice that not only do you type faster, you will type with more ease. Most keys will retain their consistency for up to 50 million keystrokes! This brings us to the longevity of mechanical keyboards. For anyone who has dealt with debris making their keys harder to press, mushy, or sticky, you will appreciate that the design of the mechanical key-switches are less prone to being affected by junk getting into them.

Need for Speeeed!
The fastest typists in the world use mechanical key switches. The mechanical keys provide multiple forms of feedback to let you know that a key has been pressed, so typing faster becomes a natural side-effect. You don’t have to wonder if the key was pressed, you don’t have to give more pressure, the keyboard just takes care of it. Don’t believe me? Check out the Das Keyboard Model S Professional in action in the Ultimate Typing Championship 2010.

Push Your Game to the Next Level
It won’t surprise you to learn that the best professional gamers in the world use Mechanical Keyboards. From StarCraft II, Counter-Strike, to your favorite FPS or RTS, you can be assured that the pros utilize the reliability and speed of mechanical keyboards. Whether you’re raiding in WoW or racking up frags, mechanical keyboards will elevate your game.