There is a lot of gory details about Mechanical Keyboards, some relevant, other information not so much. We tried to distill the most important into a series of guides:

    1. What is a Mechanical Keyboard?
      This guide explains what the heck a mechanical keyboard is, and why it’s different from your ordinary keyboard. This is a must-read for those new to the world of mechanical keyboards.

    2. Why Use a Mechanical Keyboard?
      Now that you know what a mechanical keyboard is, we highlight some of the benefits of using one. If you’re a gamer, touch typist, or just a computer enthusiast, this guide will explain the joys you can experience with a mechanical keyboard.

  1. What are the Different Types of Mechanical Keyboards?
    You’ve probably been sold on the idea of a mechanical keyboard, but with such a variety of brands, models, and key-switches, which do you pick? This guide delves deep into the different types of mechanical keys, and why you would want a specific one for your needs.

  2. What is the Difference Between PS/2 and USB Keyboards?
    This guide explains why some modern performance-oriented mechanical keyboards still have a PS/2 connector. It touches on some of the disadvantages of the USB connection, and why the PS/2 connector still has some useful advantages when it comes to top-notch performance.