1. I am at a company that creates keyboards, and would like ours to be reviewed.
  2. Get in touch with us at info AT mechanicalkeyboardguide DOT com

  3. These keyboards are expensive!
  4. Yes, they are. You get what you pay for in a way. Try and find a brick and mortar retailer and see if you can try one out and see how it feels. Keyboards are very tactile things, so reading reviews won’t give you the complete feel.

  5. Why do you have ads and affiliate links?
  6. We all hate poorly implemented ads, you have to keep in mind that this site is run by one person, me! There’s no large team or resources here, so these ads help pay to keep this site running. On our end, we’ll try and make sure the ads aren’t too obtrusive and are relevant to you.

  7. I still hate the ads.
  8. Adblock? But just know a puppy will cry a little when you block ads.